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ACH File Merge and NACHA File Validator with Routing Number Validation - Combine multiple ACH files into one - Save hundreds of dollars a year in batch file fees!! 

Easy ACH File Creator - For Financial Institutions to create ACH items to send through FedLine Advantage!! 

Merchant Edition Software - Credit Card Processing for QuickBooks - Seamlessly integrate your accounting and payment processing systems.

EZ-Direct Deposit
welcomes users of NetSuite, Inc.'s Small Business Suite and  NetSuite to the EZ-Direct Deposit Family.  

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We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Corporate Checks. Please give us a call now at 888-958-5428 to place your order.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express!

Interested in learning more about our EZ-Direct Deposit® and EZ-EFT® Solutions? Click on the Products tab above or fill out our information request form. You can also call us at 888-958-5428.

Don't have a direct interface with your software?  We can create an integration with EZ-Direct Deposit® or EZ-EFT® and provide you the option to have us process your transactions through our ACH and Credit Card processing services, or your Bank using a NACHA formatted file.  Call us at 888-958-5428 or email us at info@ezdd.com for more information.




EZ-Direct Deposit for QuickBooks

Credit Card Processing for QuickBooks

EZ-Direct Deposit for Timberline Software

EZ-Direct Deposit for Sage 50/Peachtree Accounting

EZ-EFT for QuickBooks

Easy ACH File Creator for MS-Excel or CSV file formats

EZ-Direct Deposit ACH File Merge and File/Routing Number Validator

EZ-Direct Deposit for Canadian QuickBooks

EZ-Direct Deposit for Canadian Sage 50/Peachtree

Easy ACH File Creator for any Canadian Bank or Credit Union

EZ-Direct Deposit for Accounting Software





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