EZ-Direct Deposit for Sage300/Timberline

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EZ-Direct Deposit for Sage300/Timberline

How it works

The files created by EZ-Direct Deposit™ are guaranteed to meet National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) standards. EZ-Direct Deposit™ creates a NACHA or customized file of deposits for all vendors requesting direct deposit. While the standard Vendor module generates registers that detail the transactions, EZ-Direct Deposit™ is required to send transmissions to your financial institutions. EZ-Direct Deposit™ gives companies using Sage300/Timberline© the ability to provide an important benefit while making paying invoices easier!

What EZ- Direct Deposit Does

EZ-Direct Deposit™ is a Direct Deposit Interface that works with any version of Sage300/Timberline©. The software creates and sends file transmissions of the Direct Deposit data generated within Sage300/Timberline to your financial institution, which will then re-transmit the Direct Deposit data to the financial institutions of Direct Deposit participants.

For vendors who are participating in the Direct Deposit program for the first time, EZ-Direct Deposit™ will also transmit the Pre-Note required by the financial institution for approval before Direct Deposits can be made to the new participant's bank account.

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